James Sharer: The High School Swim Team

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Education, Society

James Sharer is well on his way to a stellar college experience. He is a pre-med student at Pennsylvania State University, where he has made the Dean’s List three times and kept up a 3.74 grade point average. He expects to graduate by 2016 and go on to medical school.

James Sharer has always been an excellent student. At Downingtown West High School, he graduated with a 3.66 grade point average and was selected for membership in the National Honor Society. He was an avid swimmer starting when he was in the sixth grade, and in high school was on the varsity swimming and diving team for each of his four years there.

As a member of the swim team, James Sharer had to do a lot of laps. There was simply no way around that, and James Sharer learned that swimming the length of the pool over and over was the best way to build up his strength, speed, and endurance.

The Downingtown West High School swim team worked hard to become the best swimming and diving teams possible, and it was a valuable experience for James Sharer. Their goals, he recalls, also included developing into the most physically fit swim and dive team possible through a commitment to hard work; to teach a sportsmanlike, winning attitude that will filter through the entire team, and even the school; to learn to compete for victory and learn what it means to be the best, and to take pride in their hard work; and to teach self-confidence and self-respect that will stay with team members throughout their lives.


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