James Sharer: Camp Counselor

Posted: August 2, 2014 in Education, Society

James Sharer is a pre-med student studying Biology at Pennsylvania State University. He is a committed student who has mapped out some of his anticipated career trajectory: he expects to graduate from Penn State by 2016 and go on to medical school. He plans to begin applying to medical school in the summer of 2015. He wants to become a doctor, James Sharer says, “so that I can dedicate my life to helping those in need.”

James Sharer has always been interested in helping out those who need it. He has been a YMCA lifeguard, and the coach of a youth lacrosse team. And during the summer of 2013, he was a camp counselor at the Atlantic Coast Athletic Club in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

“As a camp counselor, it was my duty to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for the campers,” James Sharer says. “It was important to be a good role model and leader so the campers had someone to look up to. I also had to interact with the campers’ parents, and deal with any issues that arose in a professional manner.”

James Sharer also learned the importance of checking in with his campers every single day, making it a point to sit next to different campers during mealtimes, or doing individual activities with campers during rest hours. There was always so much going on at camp that it was hard to keep up with things.

With the number of events and interactions in a typical camp day, more goes on than any one person can possibly stay on top of. Even counselors with a small group of eight to twelve kids have everything they can do to keep up with things. Something as simple as asking each camper, “How was your day?” gave James Sharer valuable insight to how the kids were doing at camp.


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