James Sharer: Lacrosse Coach

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Education, Society

James Sharer is planning a career in medicine, and is currently a Biology major at Pennsylvania State University. As part of his studies, he has been a research intern at the University of Pennsylvania hospital, and as a direct result of that experience is working on a research paper on the effects of smoking in Parkinson’s disease.

James Sharer also maintains many interests outside of his studies. He has been a lifeguard, and a camp counselor at the Atlantic Coast Athletic Club in West Chester County, Pennsylvania. And he has also coached youth lacrosse players.

As a lacrosse coach of the Downingtown West Whippets, James Sharer spent two summers coaching young players on the finer points of the game. “I was involved in designing drills and games for them to play,” he recalls. “I had to take a leadership role.”

One of the most important points he learned to emphasize is one that should serve the young players well in life: teamwork. Simply put, teams do not work if there isn’t any teamwork, and that is as true of James Sharer’s young lacrosse team as it is true of teams of colleagues in the business world, or teams of doctors working to heal a patient.

Youth lacrosse, James Sharer knows, is all about the team. It isn’t about winning games; it is about getting the whole team involved, and developing skills. And the most important in lacrosse is to emphasize defense, which is really a team effort.

The most important thing about youth lacrosse, James Sharer learned, is that it is not about winning; it is all about teaching the kids to play.


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